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Monday, January 29, 2007

How we keep our women in line.

To my American friends I must share a good way to keep women from straying and becoming whores.
First you build nice big strong hut to live in. Build good cooking area so they will hve plenty room and not be tripping over each other.
In bed let each of your wives in bed at same time and while you are pounding one let others lick her pussy and tits while you fuck her. Make sure when you cum to pull out and share your semen with each of your other wives by spraing it all over each of their faces.
Make sure is you srew one you always screw a differnt one the nest night and keep rotating so noone ever gets left out, except when they are on their period and of course you wait till they are off and then you can bed them again.
To add spice to your romancs with your wives get Ameircan porno and all watch together and do what you see the porno eople doing. Of course if you live in Afghanistan do not let the police know or you will be stoned!! Make sure each of your wives watch it with you so they willlearn new techniques!!
If you treat you wives good like this you should have many years of blossful marrainge

p.s. Be very careful that your wives do not have sex with each other while you are away!!! This could lead to them having no need for you and that could be a disastor!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Traitor in our midst!!

I had the unfortunate experience of stumbling on a suposed anti-feminists site by a mangina named "fidelbogen". He had several posts on the site putting me down and my efforts of exposing the fem-nazi hags for what they truly are. He also blasted our true friend "mikeeusa''. He has even been commenting on fem-hag sites cutting us down. Men that is why we are where we are today. We cannot even take up for each other much less stand up to the liberal nazi hags. Here is the link to this undercover mangina fem-hags site- Let the sorry coward SOB know what you think of his bad-mouthing ass!! He is hurting "The Cause"!!!


A woman who killed her boyfriend’s cat by putting it in a washing machine is facing jail today.

Diane Hannon, 42, put the deaf cat, called Paws, on a full cycle after arguing with her partner.

The six-year-old cat suffered a massive heart attack, severe burns and loss of fur during the ordeal.

Hannon, from Old Colwyn, in north Wales, pleaded guilty at Llandudno Magistrates Court last month to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and cruelly ill-treating an animal.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nany Cuntlosi banns smoking in capitol refuge!!

As true to form new majority leader Nancy Cuntlosi just made an order than banned smoking in the capitols outdoor refuge!! What else do you expect from a fem-nazi hag, especially one from slease francisco!! It is not enough that she not smoke, the cunt has to make sure everybody else does not also. "if I cannot do it you cannot either!! I am going to tell the blue gun thugs if you do!!". Well America this is a sign of the things to come from the liberal commies you all elected!!! Serves each and every one of you wimps right!! Next I guess will be abortion is mandatory!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oprah builts sexist school!!

Fem hag nigger oprah winfrey(her name does not deserve to be capitalized!) has spent 40 million dollars of the money she has bilked out of the liberal dyke hags of America to build a school just for girls. And it is also in an area of niggers!!! If a good white man built a school just for men and put it in a predominantly white area he would be called sexist and racist!!! How the liberal dyke hag media twists things around and the ignorant scumsucking American public falls for it!! When the USA falls on its commie face I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Cunt tv or excuse me court tn is helping to fry a good man!!

Once again a good man is accused of trying to murder his pathetic dicksucking wife. Ronald Samuels is being tried for allegedly hiring four men to kill his traitorous aduletry commiting cunt of a wife. The four men he was supposed to pay have been given IMMUNITY!!!! Even the person that admitted he shot the bitch is WALKING FREE from this!! Man what the cunts(courts) will do to get revenge on a just act. Even if he did try to kill her he was justified. She had left him for another man!!! At least the hag was completely paralized by the gunshot to the neck. No more "blowjobs" for her!!! Good riddance!!